SEMM 4912 - Final Year Project I
This course introduces the final year students on how to do academic research on their own by applying knowledge and skills they acquired from other courses. Given a topic on a project, students have to identify a problem, gather relevant information to the problem and propose solutions to problems. In this course, students have to do some literature surveys in order to understand the nature of the problem and investigate work done by other researchers in line with their work. The students are also required to propose a methodology on how to solve the problems. By the end of this course, the students are expected to submit and present their research proposal to be assessed by their supervisors and panel of assessors.

SEMM 4924 - Final Year Project II
This course is the continuation of Final Year Project (FYP). It enhances the students’ knowledge and ability to identify and solve problems through academic research. It will provide an exercise for the student in carrying out research with minimum supervision and the ability to plan and manage their work effectively. This course will also develop the students’ capability to present, discuss and analyse results of the research clearly, effectively and confidently in both oral presentation and in dissertation.

  • Course Outcome for Final Year Project I

    Open or Close
    • Clearly describe the problem related to the area of research and state the intended outcomes and the scope of the present work.
    • Carry out in-depth review of literatures in the research area and outline the current development in the area.
    • Analyze and organize methodology for addressing the issues in order to achieve the outcomes of the research work.
    • Act upon the research plan based on the targeted milestones within the given time frame.
    • Defend the research proposal orally with confidence.
  • Course Outcome for Final Year Project II

    Open or Close
    • Illustrate results with appropriate format and excellent visual appearance.
    • Analyze and interpret the results correctly by relating them to physical laws and/or relevant theories.
    • Act upon the research plan based on the targeted milestones within the given time frame.
    • Produce a complete and systematic write-up of the UGP report and article.
    • Defend the research finding orally with confidence.

The final year project is the culmination of the degree. It gives students a chance to demonstrate all they have learned. This project is very different from laboratories report and modules. Although students are supervised, the responsibility is on the student to define the problem boundaries, to investigate possible solutions, and to present the results in writing, verbally and in action. Apart from an initial briefing session there are no formal lectures to attend. Teaching consists of regular individual or small group meetings to discuss progress. For assessment, students submit draft of their progress and draft of thesis, and present the findings of their work. Students also being ask to write a technical paper based on their findings.

To be successful, students need to plan, estimate and manage their time and energy. These pages explain what is expected of both students and supervisors, and how projects will be assessed.